When will your company’s Section 503(b)(9) claim be paid?  Under normal circumstances, Section 503(b)(9) claims are paid when the debtor makes a final distribution to creditors.  However, a Section 503(b)(9) creditor can file a motion to demand immediate payment of its claim.  This article will address the standard employed by the Bankruptcy Court in determining whether to grant immediate payment of a Section 503(b)(9) claim.

Bankruptcy Courts have considered the issue of whether a Section 503(b)(9) claim can be paid immediately, before the distribution to other similarly-situated creditors.  In the case of In re Global Home Prods., LLC, 2006 WL 3791955 (Bankr. D. Del. Dec. 21, 2006), the Court considered  the following three factors in deciding whether to make payment immediately to the creditor:

  1. prejudice to the debtor;
  2. hardship to the claimant; and
  3. potential detriment to other creditors.

The Court in Global Home denied the claimant’s request for immediate payment of the Section 503(b)(9) claim because the creditor could not demonstrate that it would suffer prejudice or hardship if payment is deferred until after confirmation of the plan, while the debtor would suffer substantial hardship.

As indicated by Global Home, Section 503(b)(9) claims are generally not be paid out prior to a final distribution to other creditors, absent compelling circumstances warranting an early distribution.