Chapter 7 Bankruptcies

In entertainment and bankruptcy news, the chapter 7 trustee for the bankruptcy filed by former celebrity couple Duane Daniel Martin and Tisha Martin Campbell (the “Debtors”), brought suit against Roxe,
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A recently issued opinion by the U. S Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Mexico provides some guidance on the relevant date for the transfer of real property for
Continue Reading For Fraudulent Transfer Statute of Limitations, Transfer of Real Property Occurred upon Recording of Deed, not Execution

In Beskrone v. Int’l Educ. Corp., Adv. No. 17-50523 (CSS) (Bankr. D. Del. July 2, 2018), the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware held that a chapter
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Yesterday a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued an opinion reversing a district court order dismissing an appeal from the bankruptcy court for lack
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