“Just enough” is an undeniable—if informal—legal precept.  The concept finds its way into canon from adequacy of pleading to application of equity.  See, e.g., K-Tech Telecommunications, Inc. v. Time Warner Cable, Inc., 714 F.3d 1277, 1284 (Fed. Cir. 2013) (A complaint “must give just enough factual detail to provide ‘fair notice of what

In a 21 page opinion (the “Opinion”) released February 20, 2015, in the Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc bankruptcy (Case No. 14-12103), Judge Gross, granted the motion of Trump AC Casino Marks, LLC (“Trump AC”) to modify the automatic stay to allow litigation to proceed, which could result in termination of their license with the Debtors. 

In a  9-page opinion released December 30, 2014 in the Xchange Technology Group bankruptcy (Bank. D. Del. 13-12809), Judge Gross provides a reminder that capital leases are not treated the same as a true lease (or operating lease).  Judge Gross’ opinion is available here (the “Opinion”).  The Opinion decided the motion (“Motion”) of Winthrop Resources

The efficient manner of speech which Judge Walsh employs during hearings shines through in this opinion released December 5, 2014 in the Worldspace bankruptcy (Bank. D. Del. 08-12412).  In 3-1/2 pages of his opinion, Judge Walsh explains the requirements of a motion for reconsideration and illustrates the weakness of the movant’s position.  Judge Walsh’s opinion


In an 8 page decision signed February 21, 2013, Judge Gross of the Delaware Bankruptcy Court denied a Motion for Enlargement of Administrative Claim, holding that the movant failed to prove excusable neglect. Judge Gross’s opinion is available here (the “Opinion”).

The Opinion analyzes the motion pursuant to the excusable neglect factors provided

The Third Circuit released a precedential opinion on May 14, 2012 that can greatly impact bankruptcy debtors attempting to reorganize as well as their secured creditors.  A copy of the opinion is available here (the “Opinion”).  Because Fox Rothschild was directly involved in this case and argued before the Third Circuit, I will only


In a straight-forward 9 page decision signed May 1, 2012, Judge Walrath of the Delaware Bankruptcy Court granted a defendant’s motion to dismiss a preference complaint, but granted the plaintiff leave to amend. Judge Walrath’s opinion is available here (the “Opinion”).  Numerous posts on this blog discuss other opinions issued by the Delaware